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Gender Informational Network of South Caucasus
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International youth network Youth Knot has been created as a result of the summer workshop, organized by GNC HCA and Women’s Information Center in Telavi (Georgia) under support of European Youth Foundation (EYF), East-East Program of the Open Society Institute and was focused on the role of youth in the peacemaking activities.
It was decided to launch kind of alumni association at the end of the workshop.
In 2005 second workshop took place organized by the same preparatory team and dedicated to the issues of the European integration and transformation of youth policies within new conditions.

After 2 summer workshops preparatory team and participants decided to create youth network, which will serve to strengthen organizations founding it and facilitate sharing of resources within the activities fro positive change in the field of youth policy and youth involvement.

In the FSU there are two main difficulties faced by the most part of CSOs:
·Lack of resources
·Lack of capacities

So this network was aimed to become a virtual resource center for the youth organizations from the FSU and in the meantime to join efforts of youth not only from FSU, but also other countries in transition.

Membership is individual and corporate. Currently network unites more then 30 members from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Estonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Austria and Moldova. Network is open.

Main activities of the Network:
·Annual summer workshop in Tbilisi (read more about workshops 2003, 2005).
·Capacity building (members of the network share their skills and render support to the other organizations and individuals affiliated with network and seeking for capacity support).
·Project guiding: if you want to act, but do not know how draw your idea into the project proposal or find partners for the activity, as well apply for any other kind of support within the project design and management processes , Network will render any assistance available.
·Web-site www.youth.ginsc.net, where you can find interesting and helpful information – news, announcements, resources and opportunities, documents, guides and manuals, on-line communication, discussions and consultations, as well as share information about your organization and advertise its activities.
·Youth Development Manual – series of guides and manuals for youth work Apply for your hard copy of the manual: youth_knot@youth.ginsc.net
Share all the benefits of the network – join us, be in Knot – be supported, be protected, be strong.

To start membership application procedure contact Antonina Nikishyna

Annual membership fee is
10 euro – for individuals
20 euro – organizations

Newly created organizations can join free of charge


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